AtGames ALU Features For Half The Price?! Legends Gamer Pro + ArcadeModUp Pedestal Unboxing & Review

Following up on the Legends Gamer Pro Review, I wanted to cover another competent of the project I’m working on. Each of these videos is somewhat modular giving you the option to stop and use the current video components together or continue on and keep adding in capabilities to the final build.

The current piece I’ve added is the ArcadeModUp (Link below) Pedestal for the Legends Gamer Pro. This is a great unit for the price, but you can use any pedestal unit out there. It really makes no difference to the final build of the “AtGames Projectorcade”. I’m very conscious of the total price, which to adhere to based on the poorly received Arcade1Up Projectorcade that was released over the summer. Stay tuned for the upcoming videos and subscribe so you don’t miss it 🙂

Unboxing Overview of ArcadeModUp Pedestal – 00:1:40
Finished Build Thoughts – 00:05:12
Using the pedestal with the Legends Gamer Pro – 00:07:03
Playing Pinball Arcade with the Legends Pinball Buttons on the pedestal – 00:12:14
Final Thoughts – 00:15:50

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