AtGames VIBS (Rachel) Board + Alienware OTG PC Install for Legends Pinball | First-Play w/FoG

I picked up a Rachel board for my #LegendsPinball cabinet and wanted to walkthrough the install process and configuration of the #Backglass running with #PinballFX3. I also decided to tear the machine apart even further and stash an #Alienware Alpha R2 & Graphic Accelerator in the #cabinet. This was a bigger project, but well worth it in the end. It’s a longer video, but it also showcases the #Live streaming setup that I configured for it as well 🙂

Audio is a little bad during the first 40 seconds, not sure why, but it fixed itself and sounds good through the rest of the video.

Check out my Unboxing and initial review video of the Legends Ultimate Pinball table here:

Pinball FX3 on Steam over Network Gameplay:

You can find out more about the #Atgames Legends Ultimate Pinball here:

No More Bad Audio – 00:00:40
Alienware overview – 00:02:15
Quick Install Process – 00:07:50
Pinball FX3 Backglass Configuration – 00:17:30
Streaming/Recording Setup – 00:23:00
Final Thoughts – 00:26:00



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