Becastled – First-Play w/FoG (PC Review)

I have to imagine that as a general or someone leading people during a time of war, I would probably buckle under the pressure. In a scenario of life or death, I would more than likely fail horribly and start spamming the infinite cosmos version of the reload function almost immediately. This is what I call strategy, it’s more like trial and error rather than any sediment of thought and #tactics. Mostly, I try and stay away from games heavy on #strategy or, god forbid, #GrandStrategy (thank you very much Paradox for creating another level of hell). I do like, #Base-Building though, and this is what interested me in playing the demo of #Becastled earlier in 2021, and play it I did. Probably 4-5 hours trying to get to the end, which there was an actual end to the demo. I felt really good about it and thought I would eventually check out the full #game, so here we are.

Becastled takes the best of the base-building genre and condenses it to a more manageable, bite-size offering. By no means does this limit the game, in fact, it actually provides a more focused strategy component. The overall idea is that you have a day/night cycle that provides time to acquire resources, repair, build, train, and expand. The fortification of your Castle and lands during this time is crucial to the success of your kingdom. In some ways, I’m reminded of the city building in ‘Foundation’ which relies on “occupancy” to increase your available workers, hunters, and guards. In terms of combat, you build your defense forces in a similar way to ‘They are Billions’, everyone must be trained, which relies on available subjects. The nighttime brings on the wrecking crew to come to destroy all your toil. Day after day, night after night, you constantly facing exceedingly tougher and more challenging expansion and enemies, which all culminate in an excellent experience.

Did I mention Early Access? Yep, it is still in #EarlyAccess and will more than likely go through both the ups and downs of feedback and balancing, but right now, as it stands, Becastled provides both the right amount of challenge and entertainment for the meager entrance fee. I know some of us may have not had the greatest experiences with games in Early Access, and I myself have had that as well, so we all have the right to dislike “Betas”.

Early Access feelings aside, I believe Becastled is well worth my time and money, and on another positive note, this is not the developer’s first rodeo. Mana Potion Studios has delivered 2 other “Very Positive” games on #Steam that have 1000+ reviews combined. If there is any good indicator of their intended effort, then it’s their proven track record.


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