Bloodborne Hardback Collector Edition Guide | Flipper | Videogame Strategy Guide Series – Episode 1

Welcome back to the channel Folks! I’m your host FoG and today we’re going to kick-off a new series focused around Strategy Guides and the Games they cover.

I myself have been a huge fan of these guides, since I started receiving Nintendo Power in the late 80’s. I was always looking for more material based on my favorite games and Strategy Guides always had the extra information on the games I loved. As I got older these guides became far more popular, and in the 90’s you couldn’t buy a game from EB, Babbage or software Etc. without an up-sell pitch to add the guide to your new game purchase.

As the Internet started to rise, you could see the end of the era for these archaic paper based guides. Website like prefaced what would ultimately become video tutorials on YouTube and even live walk-throughs on twitch. So the end has essentially come for strategy guides. Yes, there will be a hard-back guide/art boos here and there for big releases. There will more than likely be some niche publisher who makes newer guides based on Indie or even Retro games in limited quantities similar to Special Reserve or Limited Run Games. But, ultimately the days that you could pick up a guide for any game release are no more.

So, why not take a look back on some of my favorite guides and maybe even some you’ve never seen on Fat Old Gamers new video series, Flipper. Let’s Check out the inaugural episode now and flip-through Bloodborne, Sony’s Darker than Dark Souls title. Future Media was the publisher of this guide and the lead author was Bruce Byrne, who has also Authored the strategy guide for Infamous and Dark Souls II.

The version we’re taking a look at is the collectors edition, which contains 552 pages including the credits. It’s a hard bound guide and includes an interview with From Software Director, Hidetaka Miyazaki and his thoughts on developing Bloodborne.



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