Can Steam Deck Power AtGames Legends Pinball? Pinball FX3, Zaccaria, Pinball Arcade..Is It Possible?

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The Steam Deck will ultimately change the way PC Games are played. This is great news for every consumer out there. The extra benefit that hasn’t been talked about is all of the ways the Steam Deck will be able to connect to accessories. Driving Wheels, VR Headsets, and yes, even Home Arcades. The simplistic design and truly console-like feel will allow everyone to get access to massive amounts of modern games and connect to devices in unique ways.

In this short video, I wanted to show how quickly and easily you can now have Pinball FX3, Zaccari & Pinball Arcade running on your Legends Pinball with a $399 Steam Deck. It’s as simple as plugging in the HDMI to USB-C cable and connecting your Steam Deck to the Legends control deck using Bluetooth. Plus you can take your Pinball tables with you when you leave your Home Arcades….HAHAHA, I know I’m just joking, you never leave your Home Arcades alone at home.

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