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Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse (1990) (PC) | 720p | *Practice* Playthrough – No Commentary

It’s the early 90’s, and imagine purchasing your brand new copy of Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse for your 16-Bit Sega Genesis. You get home, crack open the hard plastic case, grab your glass of soda and run to your room. You’ve waited long enough to see Mickey in 16-Bit glory, so you drop in the cartridge and ready yourself for the adventure to come! In your rush to glory, mistakes are made and somehow unknowingly “Practice” mode is selected. 10 minutes later you’ve beat the game….. confused and frustrated with your purchase you leave the game to never play it again.

I present “Practice” mode to you. Don’t worry, after 30+ years I’ve found normal, and that video will be next 🙂

This was recorded with the Sega Mega Drive & Genesis Classics game collection on Steam. Castle of Illusion is not included with the collection, but the mod community has made it available (along with many other classic Genesis titles) on Steam’s Workshop (link is below).

Check it out and let me know your thoughts.


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