Castlevania Lords of Shadow – Part 2 (2013) (PC) | 1080p | Game Movie Long Play – (No Commentary)

As a fan of Vampire Hunting for many years, and a God of War Connoisseur, I found Lords of Shadow to be an excellent attempt to bring new life to the Castlevania franchise. The story telling is done well in this game, and the overall fighting mechanic is solid. The bosses are huge and in someways remind me more of Shadows of the Colossus. There is voice acting support from none other than Sean Connery, so Konami spared little expense to swing for the fences with this title.

In the end, the franchise saw little impact by changing the recipe, but it wasn’t hurt by it either. There are fans of this new mechanic, and others that will only ever consider Castlevania a side-scroller….then there are fans of the N64 Castlevania games and they are just wrong!



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