Dead Nation: Mission 8 (2010) (PS3) | 720p | Game Movie Long Play – (No Commentary)

Dead Nation delivered a different take on the Twin Stick Shooter genre in 2010. Developed by the same devs that brought us Super Stardust HD, Housemarque felt that a zombie apocalypse would be an excellent setting for their next shooter. They were right and delivered an excellent game with CoOp and a Global Leaderboard that pits country against country. The game is still available to play online today across Playstation 4, Vita and PS3. Although, the later is hard to get any online match up and running, since the player base has mostly died off….See what I did there?

One additional fact is that the voice actor for McReady is none other than Doug Cockle. You know….the voice of Geralt from the Witcher Franchise!

Please Enjoy!


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