DOA…Maybe Not? 10 NEW Games for the Infinity Game Table by Arcade1Up! Releases by week & Gameplay

After 3 weeks of owning the Infinity Game Table, I’m still feeling pretty good about my purchase 🙂 Overall, I’m feeling even better seeing that Arcade1Up has delivered brand new games each week on Thursday mornings. Are every one of these games 100% amazing…no, but what I am seeing is what they could offer with better more brand name content (Paid or Free) in the board game space, and bring some of that unique Indie game flavor with smaller titles tossed in weekly deployments.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments section. I’m glad to see such a great response to the first video, and I’m reading and responding to all of the feedback, regardless of its good, bad or ugly, Arcade1up should hear about it.

Infinity Raceway Grandprix – 00:03:40
Guess Who – 00:05:18
Hungry Hippos – 00:08:02
Memory Matching Game – 00:10:00
Mini Fini Foosball – 00:11:56
Yokozuna – 00:14:04
Doodle Monster Mini Golf – 00:17:14
4 Pics 1 Word – 00:20:29
Infinity Chicken Wrangle – 00:24:04
Trouble – 00:25:55
Updating Infinity Game Table Games – 00:30:26

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