Does Dark Veer beat Five Nights at Freddy’s in Jump Scares? PC/Switch Review

Yes, it’s that magical time of the year when horror game developers come out of the woodwork to show off their chops at making you jump. So many try to copy the successful recipes already in the market with their little changes and hope like hell they get just a few hours of visibility on Steam. Very few bring anything new to the genre, but some fine-tune the best-of-the-best and deserve a chance to shine. Dark Veer deserves to shine.

Take on the role of a small child how must endure the horrors of staying home alone while their parent goes to work. This is the classic fear of kids that just never felt comfortable being alone in their own house. Open windows, doors that seem to shut on their own, the classic closet monster and annoying alarm clocks all drive you mad with random time-management mechanics just to try and get some a few minutes of sleep.

Ultimately the jump scares will occur, but the real horror is the relentless task management.



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