Fallout 4 (PC) Test Stream w/ BaltimoreActual

SO here’s what happen.. last Friday 4/17 I noticed the old intel motherboard I was using had 1 last bios update before they stopped supporting it, unfortunately after flash was successful the computer crashed and I was unable to recover the bios, even by the jumper pins to start bios recovery. I decided to immediatly upgrade since my processor (i7-2600) and motherboard (a very basic Intel DZ68DB) we’re from 2011. So I upgraded to an Asus Prime B450 Plus and a Ryzen 5 1600-AF and naturally I needed new RAM since the standard is DDR4 so I went with Corsair’s Vengence LPX. These are all very inexpensive and I highly recommend if your ballin’ on a budget and need high performance at a value. oh and this was just a little test stream to see how everything was running, I had everything on Ultra while streaming and it barely dropped below 60fps. I already had a GTX 1060 in the old rig so I just reused that, it really pairs well with the new R5 1600.


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