Fat Old Retro Pickups w/FoG

Hey Folks! This week’s video is a mixture of Pickups from the team. Scott was out running around and grabbing #Xbox, #PC & #Playstation #games around his area, and BatlimoreActual is looking for some #N64 deals to start streaming some Retro games on the channel.

I’m still recovering from the harddrive I destroyed with a lot of recorded footage a week or so ago. I have found some old pickups that may be on the channel over the next week or two while I finish recording new content.

00:00:50 – Scott’s Pickups
00:15:30 – #Nintendo 64 for BaltimoreActual

Enjoy this Pickups w/Fog and check out more videos on the channel.


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#Retrogame #Pickups #Seattle

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