Game On The Go Series – Backbone Controller For iPhone – Gameplay & Review

After years of mobile gaming, I took a break about 3 years ago and since then there have been improvements from every aspect. The introduction of game subscriptions like Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass has enabled easy access to Premium Games with no extra annoying Pay Walls. The programs alone have increased the legitimacy or at least the preception to console/PC gamers that there are reasonable games to check out on their most-used device.

The next catalyst was the inclusion of controller support for the games included in the subscription plans. Now you have the same experience you would at home, and you can even use controllers from your Xbox or PS5/PS4, which all function well. The alternative is to invest in specific game controllers for your iPhone or Android device that gives you a more Nintendo Switch-type feel. This series is dedicated to reviewing the options in the market and seeing if they offer a quality experience for the price.

The first controller we’re taking a look at is dedicated to the iPhone and is basically at the top of the pile in terms of quality and cost. Please check out the review of the Backbone controller and let us know in the comments if you agree with our findings or if you think we are completely wrong.

Backbone Hardware Overview – 04:00
AppleTV Streaming w/Controller – 07:18
Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls Gameplay – 08:00
Pathless Gameplay – 10:00
Pinball Party Gameplay or lack thereof – 12:25
Final Thoughts – 13:44

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