House of the Dead: Remake Looks Great …. But Are Looks Enough?! Watch This Before You Buy!

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The Nintendo Switch is like the utility knife of gaming, but the fact of the matter is, that it’s a jack of all trades and a master of none. That statement is the unfortunate curse of the Switch, we seem to expect the highest level of gaming sometimes from a budget price device that is 5 years old now. This reality definitely made my experience a little more harsh than what I was expecting. Instead of getting close to a Light gun experience, and not even close to the Wii house of the Dead experience, I ended up decent looking game with unplayable controls.

House of the Dead: Remake should be on another platform. There is no way that this game should suffer and die on the Switch. It deserves better and could be so much fun in VR or on PC with either the Sinden or Aimtrack Gun tech. Please do the right thing and port this game to a better platform…

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00:00 House of the Dead: Remake Review
02:17 Portable Mode Performance & Settings
08:06 Initial Thoughts on Portable Mode Gameply
13:42 Direct Footage and Gyroscope Gameplay Footage
15:01 Plastic Gun Accessory Gameplay Footage
16:51 Pro Controller Gameplay Footage
17:58 Joycon Control Grip Gameplay Footage
18:46 Final Thoughts

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