Is It Worth It? Legends Ultimate Mini by AtGames – Unboxing & Review

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I originally questioned buying the Legends Ultimate Mini since I had so many of the AtGames Legends products. It showed up about 2 weeks ago and I had planned to put this out prior to the Christmas holiday, but with the popularity of the Infinity Game Table and its new releases, the video was ultimately delayed.

After spending time with the ALU Mini, I would have to say that if it was available prior to the ALU, I would have definitely opted for this 3/4 scale multicade. You get all the benefits of the Legends Ecosystem with a versatile device that can provide two different screen orientations with only a few simple thumb screws. The size of the unit is just about right and the only concern I have is the plexiglass may get scratches from rotating the screen and the unit doesn’t seem as sturdy as the original ALU.

00:00 Legends Ultimate Mini by AtGames – Unboxing & Review
02:58 Initial thoughts on the Hardware & Quality
09:34 Legends Ultimate Mini Menu
10:15 Built-In Games
12:25 Pinball & Pinball Buttons
13:54 ArcadeNet & Online
15:06 Bring Your Own Games
16:05 Steam via LegendsLink App
17:35 CoinOpsX
19:07 Rotating the Screen
19:24 Horizontal Gaming performance on the ALU Mini
23:16 Final thoughts on the AtGames Legends Ultimate Mini

We appreciate everyone’s support for the channel in 2021, and we wish everyone a great Holiday and Happy New Year in 2022!



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