Is This Just An Arcade1Up Hustle!? Digital 8 Ball On Your Infinity Game Table! Is It Any Good?

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It’s great to see the weekly releases continuing for the IGT. This week we finally got 8 Ball Pool on the table. The overall game plays well but does stutter on the Break and when too many balls are moving at once. It just stutters for a second but looks a little off-putting. The game, in general, is still very good and although you’re not going to confuse the experience with having an actual pool table In your house, you will still find it playable with both the computer and friends.

Arcade1Up still needs to address the issue of Online play with a lot of these games and the table as a whole. It’s a shame that games like Pixel Push Football and 8 Ball Pool can’t be played over an Internet connection with friends.

Check out this week’s New Release video and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Also, if you missed an episode, check out our other Infinity Game Table videos below.

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