Is Zombieland: Double Tap – Road Trip Worth IT?!? PC Review

It’s never a good sign when the most coverage a game has is the day you announce it. It’s also pretty bad when it’s tied to a fairly well-received zombie movie, during the Halloween season…. and the game still gets no coverage. I’ll admit I was curious, being a fan of the original movie, I could easily see some type of game offering. To be clear, this game was not what I was thinking.

As the gameplay goes, it’s a basic twin-stick shooter. The movie tie-in is there in spirit, but the character voices are not from the actual actors in the movie. I take it that the developer wanted to get their money’s worth out of the voice actors since the game is constantly being interrupted by dialog boxes. The developer could have easily kept the action going by just having the dialog box in the upper portion of the screen. I can see no reason to pause everything to have a full screen of static character images and text.

On the positive side, the mechanics of the game seem playable, and overall having 4-player couch Co-Op in today’s online world is a nice touch if not a simpler solution than online Co-Op. There are some graphic let-downs like the animations and the floating walk your character does. It’s similar to the way your character in Morrowind or Fallout 3 looked when they walked in 3rd person view. They seem to float across the ground, kind of like they are skating in the wrong direction at all times. Not the biggest deal-breaker, but you notice it from the get-go.

Overall, the game feels overpriced, and this is likely due to the movie license. I kind of hoped we would have permanently moved away from movie cash grabs, but it seems they are still alive and well…even in a Zombie Apocalypse.


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