Legends Ultimate Pinball Built-In + Steam Gameplay & Overall Impression | First-Play w/FoG

After the tragic loss of my beloved portable hard drive last week, I felt we all needed to see better gameplay footage of the #LegendsUltimatePinball table in action. I also wanted to showcase #PinballFX3 running via #Steam through the Legends Link app that allows you to stream from any PC on your network.

I also show some gameplay of the #Zaccaria tables that I downloaded once the machine was hooked up to the Internet. While expensive, there is definitely a noticeable quality increase from the preloaded #Gottlieb tables, but hands down, I have spent the most time with Pinball FX3 from #ZenStudios.

Please check out my Unboxing and initial review video of the Legends Ultimate Pinball table here:

You can find out more about the #Atgames Legends Ultimate Pinball here:

Zaccaria Tables – 00:02:00
Pinball FX3 Tables – 00:19:20



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