Legends Ultimate Pinball | Unboxing and Review w/FoG

For a few years I’ve thought about building a #VirtualPinball Cabinet to play one table. In the mid-nineties #Williams produced the “TheaterOfMagic table and I played it for my entire lunch hour, everyday I worked 🙂 They can still be found today by companies that refurbish #Pinball tables, but you’re looking at $12k for a solid working unit… a little too much for me.

In late 2020, #Atgames launched the #LegendsUltimatePinball table that is roughly 3/4 scale of an actual #Williams Cabinet. Although they haven’t licensed Williams tables for their #MiniPini yet, you can access Steam and use #PinballFX3 to play Theater of Magic and it plays very well on a wired network. They did include 22 #Gottlieb tables and you can buy a little more than 100 of the #Zaccaria tables for it at the current time of this video.

Please check out my Unboxing and initial review of the Legends Ultimate Pinball table and if you’re interested in one, you can find out more here:

One final note: I destroyed my portable hard drive, which had the other camera perspective, so the video is complete, but is not filmed the way I intended it.

If you want bypass my explanation of this click here: 00:00:37



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