Let’s Add A $100 DMD To The AtGames Legends Pinball w/Power Tools! – Teardown And Install Part 1

I’ve been holding off on posting this video since the summer due to all of the aftermarket backbox options that were being introduced. I still haven’t seen anything that comes close to the $100 I spent, since most are above $399.

ArcadeModUp Backbox for ALP ►

Although, I caution following my attempt at putting your own DMD into the stock ALP Backbox. You will come out much cheaper in the end. It’s a Risk vs Reward scenario, and you can destroy your precious ALP by doing what I did. So please do not do this 🙂 or at least wait until you see Part 2 in the coming week…

00:00 Let’s Add A DMD To The AtGames Legends Pinball w/Power Tools!
03:34 Opening the ALP Backboard
08:45 Sizing up the DMD position
09:43 Fixing the Airflow in the cabinet and relocating the OTG connections
16:04 Backbox overview and LCD BackGlass discussion
18:37 Making the cuts
18:58 DMD in place + discussing the challenges and next steps

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