Let’s Chat with the Dev! Arcade1Up’s Infinity Game Table has the GOAT of Lunchroom Games Part 1 of 2

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Continuing the Interview Series here on the channel, I recently sat down with Brandon Thacker, developer of Pixel Push Football for the Infinity Game Table to talk about his inspiration and experience working with Arcade1Up. There was so much to cover that we had to spread this interview over 2 videos to cover both the amazing game Brandon came up with and the story of how Pixel Push made it from Mobile to the IGT based off of a direct request from the Arcade1Up team.

I’ve covered all of the IGT releases and I was probably the most excited to see Pixel Push show up and was pleasantly surprised to find how well it played. There are massive amounts of games that could work on the IGT, but it’s a Chicken and Egg game. There needs to be more uptake of the table in the market, but you need to have the games to generate interest for consumers. On the other hand, you need to have a lot of devices in the market to generate the revenue for developers to make the investment in supporting a unique platform. It’s a delicate balance to maintain, and thankfully there are devs out there like Brandon who are willing to take the risk to see their vision come to life.

In no way do I or the channel ask devs for money or take any money to promote games. These videos are meant to help bring awareness to the community on what it takes to make the games we all love. I hope you enjoy this series and I’m looking forward to bringing even more developers on the channel to discuss their creations. Make sure to subscribe and hit the bell so you don’t miss an episode, and if you enjoy the content, make sure to give it a “Like” and share the video so others can find out about these games.

00:00 Pixel Push Football Developer Interview
01:08 Pixel Push Football Intro
03:16 Fist Attempt at Creating a Game
04:26 First Prototype In Day With GoDot Game Engine
06:02 The Insperation for the Look & Fee;
08:55 Finding Time In A Pandemic To Create A Game
14:25 How Fast Can One Person Develop A Game?
25:15 Arcade1Up Reaches Out To Get The Game On Infinity Game Table

….Stay tuned for Part 2 this Sunday 3/13/22 of the interview and the inner workings of getting games on Arcade1Up products.

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