Let’s Upgrade the ALP with a $100 DMD – Part 2! AtGames Legends Pinball Finishing Touches w/Gameplay

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So, I thought I lost this footage, but luckily the Fat Old Cat just knocked the memory card under the ALU cabinet. This is the finishing touches of cutting the Plexiglass and showing off the DMD with Pinball FX 3 & Pinball Arcade. I still haven’t seen anything that comes close to the $100 I spent, since most of the pre-modded backbox units are above $399.

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Although, I caution following my attempt at putting your own DMD into the stock ALP Backbox. You will come out much cheaper in the end. It’s a Risk vs Reward scenario, and you can destroy your precious ALP by doing what I did. So please do not do this 🙂

00:00 Let’s Upgrade the ALP with a $100 DMD – Part 2!
02:04 Marking the DMD hole for the Plexiglass
05:07 Destressing Skit (Yes, it was recorded in the Summer)
07:23 Making the first cut
08:20 Discussing the crack in the Plexiglass…
13:50 Pinball FX3 & Pinball Arcade Gameplay with DMD
33:20 Final thoughts on the DMD Mod & ALP future plans

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