Massive Gameboy Lot over $500! Was It Worth It?…Weekly Pickups w/FoG

Oh #Mercari… If it wasn’t for #2020, I’m not sure we would have a reason to #deal with each other.. Well, I’ve got another lot of #Gameboy, #GameGear, #GameboyColor and #GameboyAdvance #games (that may or may not work) to showcase on the channel. It always starts out so positive, and then reality sets it. Hopefully this time my son and I have better luck. Grab a drink and check out the latest Weekly #Pickups w/FoG and let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

00:02:55 – Get To The Games
00:09:00 – Odd game of the lot
00:14:28 – Best #GBA kart racer
00:19:22 – Howie’s Pick of the lot (He pocketed it)
00:19:55 – My most memorable game of the lot
00:42:30 – What didn’t work?
00:42:18 – Final results $$$

I hope you enjoyed this episode! Please check out more videos on the channel from all the different contributors to Fat Old Gamers.


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