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Metro Exodus (PS4 Pro) | 4K HDR | Part 3 – Long Play Series (No Commentary or Gameplay)

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This Long Play Series took almost 3 months for YouTube to process at 4K HDR 60FPS. Almost all of the remaining episodes are processed as well, so I’m going to start releasing them twice a week. I also tried some other games with the same quality settings and they are still in the processing stage. I’m not sure if I’ll continue with HDR or not, let me know in the comments if you see any value in getting this level of quality.

As for Metro Exodus, I’ve been a huge fan of the Metro franchise since it landed on PC more than 9 years ago. Metro 2033 played so well and had such a solid story. Some people must have went into the original game thinking it was a Fallout 3 ripoff, cause there were mixed feelings about the linear game play. I never took issue with the game at all and I was pleasantly surprised that they followed it up with Metro: Last Light in 2013. I had just started streaming on Twitch and this was one of my first major play-throughs. The level of detail was maintained and by the time it was done I was satisfied with the game and through that was the end of the series. After playing Metro: Exodus, I’m glad they didn’t stop and I expect that we haven’t seen the last of the franchise. Check it out an let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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