My Upgrades to the AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade. The Home Best Arcade Configuration?!

Having focused a lot of the most recent videos on the #AtGames #LegendsPinball , I thought we would visit the older sibling and review the upgrades I’ve done to my Legends Ultimate Cabinet. As I have said in the past videos, I really purchase the ALU for networking to my Steam PC to play modern & #Indie games with a more #arcade style feel. In this video, I walk through all of the upgrades and talk through the LegendsLink App and some of the specific features that make this #HomeArcade so great.

#BitPixel Upgrade – 00:03:18
Acrylic Side Panel Kit Upgrade – 00:05:11
#ALU Custom 5″ Riser – 00:06:23
Legends Gamer Pro Deck Upgrade – 00:07:23
#Steam & #LegendsLinkApp Overview – 00:09:58
#MortalKombat11 w/Legends Gamer Pro Deck – 00:16:50
Steam Controller Customization with #LegendsGamerPro Deck – 00:18:47
#Cuphead w/Legends Gamer Pro Deck – 00:21:12
Final Thoughts on Legends Ultimate Arcade w/Upgrades – 00:23:23

You can find out more about the #Atgames #LegendsUltimate here:

Legends Bitpixel Details:

Legends Arcade Cabinet Acrylic Panel Kit Details:

5″ Riser for AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade:

Legends Gamer Pro Deck:

Legends Link App:



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