Next Fest 2022 Indie Game Reactions Day 2! – Building The ALU Mini Watch List and Talking Out loud

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The first Steam Next Fest of 2022 is upon us, and it brings along hundreds of upcoming game demos or games that will deploy over the coming year and into 2023. Steam has seemingly seen massive success highlighting upcoming games, and I personally look forward to the multiple Next Fest events each year.

Last year I started following the progress of certain games that I liked and we have highlighted them on the channel as they were released over the past year. After seeing the interest from the community, I wanted to make this a recurring series where I pick out a batch of games from each Next Fest, and we follow the outcome, do reviews, and possibly even interview the devs after release.

Please follow along over the coming week and check out the games for yourself, and then subscribe to the channel to follow the results for each game over the next year.

00:00 Next Fest Intro
01:44 Alice Escaped! ►
09:32 Jetman ►
16:52 Crossing Frontier ►

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