Pack It up, Pack It In… PS1, Gamecube & Xbox for the Win……Sellout w/Fog

I have such a backlog of these #mystery boxing videos. I will be posting them far more often, so if you don’t want to see the opposite end of the Mystery Box game, then please ignore any notification with Sellout w/FoG in them. If you enjoy my #rambling as I pack these, well then you’re in luck 🙂 This is a box for one of the only clients who doesn’t want cartridge based games. They’re almost in my wheel house with #PS1 & #Xbox, but instead of #Gamecube, I would swap for #PS2.

Mystery Game Tmestamps:
00:03:06 – Gamecude
00:05:00 – Xbox
00:06:40 – Xbox
00:08:26 – Gamecude
00:10:00 – PS1
00:12:00 – PS1

Most games in the boxes are sourced from the Greater #Seattle Area, and I usually connect these videos with the Weekly Pickup Series which can be found here:

Enjoy this Sellout w/Fog and check out more videos on the channel.


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