(Previously Unreleased) Through The Woods *FULL PLAYTHROUGH* | #209 | 1000 Game Challenge

“It’s that time of the year for some scary play-through! I’m heading out Through The Woods to find me some horror o_0” – FoG – Circa 2016

That was the original description on the video that I dug up in the FoG Vault. I had this on YouTube since it was recorded, but listed as private. Not sure why…. I figured thia might be a little change of pace to see younger FoG 🙂

Through The Woods is essentially a walking simulator that follows some Norse Mythology around abduction and loss of a loved one. The game falls under the horror genre, but it really isn’t all that scary to me. Check it out, but be aware this is an older rig that recorded the footage and it’s a little dated on the FPS. Let me know in the comments if you want to see some of these older Live Stream Playthroughs.


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