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Resident Evil Survivor (PS1) | 1080p 30FPS | HD Game Movie Playthrough – No Commentary

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Just in time for the launch of Resident Evil 2 Remake, I thought we might watch the last installment of the Resident Evil franchise on the original Playstation. Having the shortest playtime of the series, RE Survivor introduces a First-Person perspective on Survival Horror. The game was originally designed as a Light-Gun shooter (It did support the Guncon in Japan) but when it launched in the US it only supported the standard Playstation controller. This was less than ideal for the mechanic of the game, and it left most pondering how good it could have been with an actual arcade style gun controller.

Regardless, Resident Evil Survivor provides a loosely tied story to the cannon of the RE Franchise, and it’s worth a watch which only takes a little north of 2 hours.


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