Retro Game Pickups with a Drone!? ….Weekly Pickups w/FoG

We had a nice snow storm roll through in February and my wife and I took a walk to go pick up our mail that contained some inventory pickups from #Ebay & #Mercari. I grabbed the drone and took some video of our beautiful area covered in a nice winter setting.

Got some nice N64 carts like #MortalKombat and #RoadRash, and a decent deal on a #DS lot, so it was well worth the walk to the General Store where our Post Office is (Yep, our post office is in the general store).

00:02:15 – Random Pickups
00:04:30 – #Nintendo DS Lot
00:09:21 – #Playstation Lot
00:17:15 – #N64 Lot
00:26:30 – Review and Price Breakdown

Enjoy this Pickups w/Fog and check out more videos on the channel.


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