4K Cinematic Gaming PC Playthrough

Sine Mora Ex (PC) | 4K 60FPS | HD Game Movie Playthrough – (No Commentary or Gameplay)

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Normally you don’t hear Story Rich and Bullet Hell Shooter in the same sentence, but you normally don’t see a Sine Mora EX everyday either. I’ve always had a soft spot for Bullet Hell games, not because I love being beat to death over the head with a club, but because overcoming the challenge makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. Sine Mora EX does just that, it is tough enough to share the space with an Ikaruga, but the story really helps pull you through those tough areas. The characters remind me of Star Fox, but if Star Fox was in World War II with a Steam Punk flare. Not the picture everyone would think of, but the backgrounds are beautiful and the gameplay is fast, frantic and smooth like butter.

If you have the chance to play it on basically every device know to man, then give it a shot.


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