Steredenn – First-Play w/FoG (PC Review)

I’m not sure why it took me so long to do a review on Steredenn. I mean, I don’t review every game I ever play, so there shouldn’t necessarily be this nagging question in my head, but there is and it needs to be addressed.

Have you ever been drawn to a game for a specific “thing”? The “thing” can be graphics, gameplay, unique mechanics, or any number of other….things. Then only to find years later that while all of the things that brought you to the game in the first place still interest you, another totally different “thing” is your actual favorite reason for playing the game? This happened with Steredenn once I got my #LegendsUltimateArcade cabinet. #AtGames, which sells the machine, had the foresight to integrate a way for owners to hook up a PC and play their Steam games through the unit and use the screen and control panel to play most games. This fundamentally changed the way I enjoy Steredenn, and I believe it is one of the best arcade Schmups available…. bold statement, I know.

Beyond my new way to physically play the game, Steredenn’s actual gameplay is fantastic. The Roguelike mechanics, randomized bosses and environmental obstacles, and even the metal soundtrack all drive you to want to take one run after another for hours on end. I never have the feeling that I’m not making progress although, you retain nothing more than experience and the desire to get further. There were additional features added over the years, the main update being the free “Binary Stars” release in the 2nd half of 2018. This final DLC brought Local Co-Op, multiple ships, a daily challenge, and new balancing, and a slew of other features. It essentially was PixelNest Studio’s swan song to fans that had in their words made Steredenn a “Huge commercial success for us”.

You can find #Steredenn on multiple platforms such as #Steam, #Switch, #PS3, #PS4, and #XboxOne. The runs around $13 for a digital copy, but there are physical versions that were released by Strictly Limited Games for the Switch and PS4 that are upwards of a few hundred dollars! However, you like to play games, be it digital or physical, definitely give Steredenn a try, and don’t come whining when you lose all sense of time.


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