The BIG Mystery of Home Arcades!? Play Modern Games On Your AtGames Legends Ultimate Mini w/OTG

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I know a lot of you have checked out some of the games we’ve showcased on the channel playing on the Legends Family of products and told us “I didn’t know that you could do that”. This has been somewhat of a common theme since AtGames doesn’t really talk about the features like OTG, LegendsLink App, and the BYOG capabilities as a whole.

Subscriber shleprockshleprock asked if I could show the OTG capability and I thought that would be a great video since I wanted to place a streaming PC solution in the ALU Mini as I have in the Legends Pinball, so here it is 🙂

00:00 Play Modern Games On Your AtGames Legends Ultimate Mini
00:53 Issues with Streaming & LegendsLink App
03:21 What you need for OTG
05:08 Hooking up the OTG PC to the ALU Mini
09:00 Setting up the ALU Mini control deck with Steam
13:40 Using Steam Remote Play to other Steam PCs on your network
16:25 Playing Mortal Kombat 11 via Steam Remote Play to the OTG PC
20:00 Finding your locally installed games on your OTG PC with Steam
20:50 Playing RetroMania Wrestling with the OTG PC
23:40 Dealing with Steam Controller Configurations per game on the OTG PC
24:57 Playing Asteroids: Recharged on OTG PC
25:46 Final thoughts on using an OTG PC with the AtGames Legends Ultimate Mini



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