The Surge 2 (2019) (PC) | 1080p | Game Movie Long Play – (No Commentary)

Back in early 2017 Focus Home Interactive to a “swing” at the Action RPG genre with ‘The Surge’. It was a Sci-Fi take on the ultra-popular Dark Souls series and put you in control of Warren, who was reporting for his first day on the job with the Mega-Corporation CREO. Well, let’s just say that Warren had a bad day (a very, very bad day) and leave it at that. The reception to the game was a bit rough, and essentially Fous Home Interactive was told to “Get Good”.

Fast-forward 2 years and Focus Home Interactive has returned with The Surge 2. Their 2-year hiatus after the original game waws time well spent. The overall gameplay feels tighter and very near to the gold standard. Level design in the game is less generic, and built to encourage exploration. All-in-all The Surge 2 is now a top contender to take on the expertise of From Software in the Action RPG genre.



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The Surge (Digital Download) ►

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