They’re Here! Paid Games Have Hit Arcade1Up’s Infinity Game Table….Now….Do They Suck?

We knew Paid Games were eventually coming to the Infinity Game Table, and I’m very pleased that they have finally showed up. Pandemic is the first game out the door, and while other may feel different on the game or it’s mechanics, we should all be happy that this marks the next phase of the product. The glaring omission of a non-transaction store front from the initial launch, caused more than one person to question what type of support we should expect from the Arcade1Up, since they have never been known for supporting products with new content after the fact. I’m specifically referencing the 3/4 scale Arcades they offer. The IGT has essentially marks a new phase for the entire company.

Overall, the purchase experience was simple, clean and fairly painless. I believe it will be better with subsequent purchases, since I was able to store my information and Credit Card. As for Pandemic, the game is almost identical to the Android or iOS versions, except for the fact that there are no DLC packs to purchase (Meaning this is only the base game), and there is a 5th player option on the Infinity Game Table version.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Also, if you missed an episode, check out our other Infinity Game Table videos below.

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