Ticket To Ride is on Arcade1Up’s Infinity Game Table…Does it deliver the goods? +Teen Titans Go!

One of the original premium games touted in the initial promotion of Infinity Game Table has finally deployed. Its been great to see Arcade 1up’s commitment to keeping all of its promises and seeing even original and exclusive games hit the table. The $9.99 price point seems fair for the more premium titles like Pandemic and Ticket To Ride, so hopefully, this will continue for more well know Table Top games (Can we get Catan or Carcassone??).

The table also saw a new, more mobile phone-style game using the DC Comis IP. Teen Titans: Beastboys Nightmare hit the table for $3.99 and Candyland got an update for In-App purchase of all things.

Check out this week’s New Release video and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Also, if you missed an episode, check out our other Infinity Game Table videos below.

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