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Torn (PS4 Pro & PSVR) | 1080p 30FPS | HD Game Movie Playthrough – No Commentary

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Torn recipe: A little puzzle design from Myst, a drop of Physics Based Walking Simulator, a dash of Bioshock Art Deco design and pinch of VR. This is all you need to produce a mediocre PSVR game experience these days. While nothing is all that offensive about Torn, there is a lingering feeling that the game was meant for something more.

The design of Torn nice, and I wanted to keep seeing what else was in the mansion. The mechanics were fine and mostly worked without a problem. Where Torn really feels like it failed to deliver was on the Story. It was fairly interesting in the beginning of the game, but then started to trail off to a convoluted end that was trying to be wrapped too quickly and left a lot of questions. This was about the only thing that was quick with this game, since the developer tried to extend what would probably take 3 hours to complete into something that made you retrace your steps far too often to add another 2 hours of “entertainment”.

All in all, the price of my entrance fee to play Torn was $15 (on sale from $30), and I can say it gave me enough “entertainment” for the cover charge. If you enjoy searching old mansions this game is worth playing, otherwise I would look alternatives for my VR games.

Check out the full playthough now.

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