Trying To Fix a Sega CD Model 2 with a hatred of Discs…. What Have I Gotten Myself Into!?!

The life of a #reseller…What a pain in the a** sometimes 🙂 I know I make fun of people who sell their game systems as “Tested and Working”, but it really has been an issue with more and more deals to get games for the boxes. I won’t complain too much, but everyone has their limits. Can this #SEGA CD Model 2 be #fixed? Watch and find out!

00:08:40 – #NBA Jam (The First Casualty)
00:10:40 – Second Swing At Repair
00:11:45 – Eureka!
00:15:00 – Joe Montanna Football Test
00:26:29 – Final Outcome

Let me know if you fix your consoles or if you have an expert do the work. I may need to consider this moving forward with more and more games that come with broken systems. Also, please don’t take anything I do to these poor system as a actual method for fixing your console…. never take advice from “Snake Oil Salesman” Nigel West Dickens 😛

Enjoy this Week’s Cart Attack and check out more videos on the channel.


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