Uncommon PS2 Games!? Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad are playing through….Weekly Pickups w/FoG

It’s still a struggle to find amazing bundles, and I’m having to “Go back to the Well” on Half Price books. I’m hopeful things pickup, but in the Seattle area the weather was so crappy at this time, no one was worried about clearing out their closets.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro Am (PS2)
Big Bump’in (Xbox)
Counter Strike (Xbox)
DDR Max (PS2)
Evolution (Dreamcast)
Final Fantasy Chronicles (PS1)
Grand Theft Auto Collection (Xbox)
Hulk (Xbox)
Mechassualt 2: Lonewolf (Xbox)
NFL Blitz (Xbox)
Outlaw Golf 2 9 More Holes of XMAS (Xbox)
Outlaw Tennis (Xbox)
Spy Games: Elevator Missions (Wii)
Vampire Night + Guncon 2 (PS2)
WWE 2k17 (PS4)

Let me know if you want to see the pricing breakdown in the description. I’m not sure how interesting it is, but I’ll at least include it at the end of the video for anyone that likes the details 🙂

Enjoy this Weekend’s Pickups w/Fog and check out more videos on the channel.


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