Use The Legends Pinball Accelerometer For Pinball FX3 On Steam?! How To Setup w/Gameplay

Recently AtGames released firmware 5.47 for the Legends Pinball, and this allowed the Pinball FX3 Steam version access to the accelerometer when playing in OTG mode. This was an interesting surprise and piqued my curiosity immediately.

I’ve outlined what you need to do to setup up the ALP for OTG, so hopefully, this makes it easier on some folks who want to enable this new functionality.

Steam Control Setup w/ALP Arcade Control Deck – 00:01:48
Jump to Accelerometer Setup – 00:04:41
Bonus Plunger Setup – 00:05:14
Control Configuration Profile for Pinball FX3 – 00:06:35
Gameplay – 00:07:36

Check the ALP cabinet configuration that I use ►



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