Was It Worth It? AtGames Legends Pinball Arcade Control Panel Upgrade | Plus Steam/OTG Gameplay

After originally seeing the #AtGames Legends Pinball, I was really excited to get my hands on one and compare their cabinet to the quality of the #LegendsUltimateArcade. They had done such an excellent job on the #ALU and I figured they would have the #ALP up to the same standards. Obviously, based on the number of videos I’ve put out on the unit, I’m feeling fairly satisfied with the Pinball aspect, and the machine as a whole.

The one area for me that was lacking was the #BYOG/CoinOpsX. It wasn’t horrible, especially paired with an #Xbox One controller, but when they announced the Arcade Control Panel upgrade, I thought this would cap off the final missing piece. I ordered one during the #NationalOwnersDay and waited…. and waited….. and waited. Finally last week the unit arrived and I installed it in a few minutes and was up and running. What I found was that it wasn’t perfect, but it was even better in some areas that I wasn’t expecting.

Check out the review and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

#Unboxing the #ArcadeControlPanel – 00:00:33
Installation of the Control Panel – 00:01:55
#Galaga #Steam Version gameplay – 00:03:27
#ZeroRanger gameplay – 00:05:35
#Sophstar gameplay – 00:08:09
Final Thoughts on #LegendsPinall Arcade Control Panel Upgrade – 00:11:33

Unboxing and initial review video of the #Legends Pinball table here:

AtGames Vs Steam Zaccaria Compare:

Install and overview of VIBS (Rachel) Board:




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