Would You Buy It? AtGames Legends Gamer PROjector Build! More Features Than Arcade1Up Projectorcade

When I first saw the Arcade1up Projectorcade, I thought that the idea was interesting, but the reception from the fans was less than stellar. My initial take was that people thought the concept was cool, but it was limited in features, limited in games, and that the projector would be low-end. Not to mention the design seemed a little simplistic. Now, this is all subjective and if you bought the projectorcade and are happy with it, then by all means you made the right choice.

After thinking about how I could use one of these units, and that we have the right space to make use of one, I started eyeing to build my own from parts sourced from the Internet. I knew I wanted to have a unit that could play more than 12 games, and preferably thousands of games. I also wanted to make it more “portable”, so that meant power should not be an issue, and I always want to access Steam games on anything. These requirements essentially lead me to start with a Legends Gamer Pro and go from that point. One final requirement was that I wanted it to be no more expensive than the Arcade1up Projectorcade on sale, so $399 plus shipping.

Check out what I came up with and let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’ve also listed the items used in the build and what I paid for them. I also included the links which are affiliate links in some cases, so we do make some money for the channel if you purchase using one of the links. Nothing is sponsored by any company and we have no affiliation with AtGames or Arcade1Up. Thanks for checking out the channel!

Projectorcade Base Items – 00:2:07
Projector Specs – 00:03:22
Gameplay Using the Projectorcade – 00:09:03
Playing Steam Games through the Legends Link App on the Projectorcade – 00:18:45
Final Thoughts – 00:23:03
*Bonus* Completed build with the projector mounted in the Pedestal – 00:24:22
Completely battery-powered unit – 00:25:27

Parts List:
Legends Gamer Pro on Ebay ► – Build Cost at time of filming = $125
ArcadeModUp Pedestal ► – Build Cost at time of filming = $139
Fangor F601 Battery Powered Projector ► – Build Cost at time of filming = $129
Black & Decker Retractable Cord ► – Build Cost at time of filming = $19.49
CAMVATE 11″ Adjustable Camera Arm ► – Build Cost at time of filming = $16.90
USB 7 Port Hub ► – Build Cost at time of filming = $11.99
Headbourne Swivel Casters ► – Build Cost at time of filming = $16.99
10 Pack 1″ mount for straps ► – Build Cost at time of filming = $9.90
SmallRig ColdShoe Mount Adapter ► – Build Cost at time of filming = $6.99

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